About Us

Find That Thing in King

KingTownshipBiz is a subsidiary of DistrictBiz, a privately held company having roots right here in King Township. The idea was born in February, 2016 when a local resident decided it was time to make it easier for the community to shop locally. We believe there is an inherent desire within the King community to support local business, so we want to help them find each other, faster.

Of course, there are several competitor directories in the marketplace, so the undertaking was risky. However, there didn’t seem to be a directory that truly served the purpose of supporting local King business. Searches within specific Villages and Hamlets would return results with little relevance to the actual search zone. Now, you can really Find That Thing in King.

KingTownshipBiz.com is dedicated to business listings that truly serve the residents of King Township. This means that businesses located in King and those that travel into King to serve residents are represented on this site.

KingTownshipBiz is the first directory within the DistrictBiz company. The business model is to have very focussed advertising plans for local directories. Our plan is to expand our reach to other districts throughout Ontario using KingTownshipBiz as the model.

Find That Thing in King.

We do this because we believe that local business creates the fabric of communities, and residents want to support them. We believe in the synergy that exists between local business and the community to which they belong. In order to succeed, business must invest in their community. In turn, the community needs to support local business. To that end, we

At KingTownshipBiz we strive to give business, large and small, the best value and services for reaching local markets with user-friendly online tools and laser-focussed advertising.

So, go and Find That Thing in King.